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The company

ACE's goal is to help designing sustainable and carbon-neutral buildings by bridging the gap between architects, MEP engineers, energy advisor, contractors and clients.
Services provided include design advice at the concept stage, detailed dynamic analysis of the building behaviour concerning energy demand and indoor comfort, passive-house planning for new and existing buildings and elaboration of energy concepts based on renewable energy sources.

ACE has been working closely with a wide range of clients, including architects, consulting engineers, contractors and clients; it has significant expertise in the use of building design tools, and the IES-Virtual Environment software in particular.
The consultancy services provided range from thermal building physics, dynamic thermal simulation, computational fluid dynamics, daylighting strategies, zero and low carbon technologies and sustainable design practices. In the sum this is Klima-engineering.

ACE was founded in 1998 by Andrea Costa, who has been working in the field of building services engineering and the development of thermal-driven heat pumps and chillers for about 20 years.

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